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Refreshing Beverages on Demand

Whether you are in a basketball game or a birthday party, J&J Mobile Mini Mart has the drinks you need. From sports drinks that power you up, to alcoholic drinks that wind you down, we have it all. The best part is you can have it delivered anywhere in Jacksonville, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Drinks to Keep You Going

Having to walk all the way to the store just to buy drinks is incredibly counter-productive. By the time you get back, not only will your drinks be warm but you may have sweated out the equivalent of what you bought. Opt for the smart solution and order your refreshments from us. We have the following available from our mobile store.

  • All Pepsi and Coke Products (12 oz. Cans) – 50¢
  • Gatorade – $1.50
  • Quarter Water – 25¢

Beer and Liquor for Your Party

One of the worst things that can happen at your party is that you run out of beer. You or some unfortunate party-goer will have to trudge all the way to store, missing out on all the fun. Prevent this from happening by calling us. We will deliver beer and liquor to your residence while you and your guests party on.

Please note that we require ID verification for all alcohol purchases.

Chilled refreshing beers standing on a counter in a bar or pub with closeup focus to the necks and unopened tops and copy   space conceptual of celebrating the Oktoberfest

Thirsting for chilled beer? Contact us today at 910-546-5617 or 910-382-4907 and have ice-cold beer delivered to your home. We can also be reached via email at
if you have any questions.